The total fare for your Ola ride is calculated by adding the following:-
– Base Fare – A flat fare charged up to a particular distance or for the first few miles
– Distance Fare – The fare charged per km traveled. Depending on the city, the rate/mile may vary after a threshold distance or an extra charge may be applicable after a particular distance.
– Ride Time Fare -The fare charged on the total time duration of the trip from pick-up time to drop- off time. This also includes driver waiting time before the trip starts, wait time in traffic or at traffic signals during the ride.
– Peak Pricing (if applicable)- Peak pricing is applied on standard fares depending on the time of booking. It is not a fixed charge and varies as per the demand for rides in your area.
– Airport Charges (if applicable)- A surcharge fee may be charged for airport pickup and drop (depending on the city.)
– Toll and Parking Fee (if applicable) – Taxes (as per the local taxation rules)
Note – Base Fare, Distance Fare, and Ride Time Fare may vary depending on the demand for rides during that time and the ride category selected. We’ll let you know about any fare increase before you confirm your booking if applicable.