We have strong measures in place to help keep you safe. In response to the global pandemic, we’ve also introduced five mandatory safety procedures for riders and drivers to observe from June 2020:

  1. Always wear a face covering
  2. Expect a clean ride before and after your trip
  3. Carry and use hand sanitiser before and after the ride
  4. Roll down the windows if desired. Or, ask the driver to switch on the AC and set it not to recirculate, but extract
  5. Please sit in the back, and use the left backseat for social distancing when traveling solo

Pre-existing safety features built into the Ola app:

You can track your ride in real-time and share your destination and ETA with friends.
Each ride requires you to share a ‘Start Code’ with your driver to ensure you’re getting in the right car.
We have 24/7 in-app and telephone support.
We always mask your mobile number from our drivers to ensure privacy.
In the unlikely event that something does happen, we have an emergency button where you can alert the police, as well as Ola’s safety response team.

Driver safety and standards

Our partners are thoroughly background-checked before joining Ola to drive.
They are then assessed on Safety, Reliability and Customer Service before being certified by DriveTech (part of the Automobile Association).
As Ola drivers, they observe the same five precautionary measures of safety as you do, listed above and will ask you to sit in the back.
We also have an blog to update drivers with the latest TfL updates and health tips around Covid-19, such as How To Protect Yourself When Buying Petrol.

Learn more about our driver safety policy and guidelines.