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When was the last time you fully relaxed on your lunch break? Think about it for a second. Most ride-hailing drivers spend theirs running errands for the family, parking up to read the latest news or scoffing down some lunch to make sure they can fit in the weekly shop. If this sounds familiar, you might be neglecting yourself of a proper rest. 

In this blog series, Creative ways to spend your break, we’ll explore unique alternatives to pass the time on your rest breaks. Today we’re looking at mobile gaming for fun, fitness and productivity on your lunch break.

Why should you play mobile games?

There’s a reason The Telegraph have tipped the “UK gaming industry to be worth £10bn by 2023.” 

It might not be your go-to yet, but for many it already is. Mobile gaming allows you to immerse yourself in another world whilst improving your problem-solving skills, concentration level and dexterity. And there are many more benefits, too. In other words, you should consider mobile gaming for these three reasons alone:

  1. You get to escape into a fantasy utopia (or dystopia) from the comfort of your own car!
  2. You learn new skills, develop existing ones and grow as a person. 
  3. You can use them to connect with friends and family, anywhere.

So now you know what you’re getting yourself into, let’s look at examples of which apps to download. 

A game for fun: Marvel Strike Force

What’s in a name? Well with this game, everything. While we can’t go to the cinemas during lockdown, we can still see our favourite Marvel universe superheroes in the mobile gaming app, Marvel Strike Force. 

Released in 2018, this game combines all your favourite superheroes, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Groot, Elektra, and Iron Man to name just a handful of characters. You’ve probably guessed from the name, the games consist of epic team battles against other enemy squads in a visually-striking graphic narrative. 

A game for productivity: Fallout Shelter

Two-time award winning game Fallout Shelter is best described as a wasteland with infinite opportunity. The game is centered around “excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock”, where you are able to build your own new vault of life. 

Explore ruins, rebuild the town or create and customise a new population in this stylised dystopia, right at your fingertips. If you enjoy creating things from scratch and the glow from the effort that goes with that, this game is for you. 

A game for connecting with the family: Uno

For many of us Uno was a favourite card game growing up, and one we still love to play as adults. Switch up your usual communication with friends or family by inviting them to an online Uno tournament. Just like the classic game, Uno mobile is fast, fun, and perhaps even more of a challenge now with the robots playing!

A game for fitness: Pokémon Go

If you’re not usually the active type, gamifying your fitness can help you make sure you stick to it. Mobile apps like the 2016 phenomenon, Pokémon Go, are perfect for getting you moving and having some fun! 


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There is a wealth of gamified exercise apps that will have you outrunning zombies, hunting ghosts, or even dressing up virtually as a superhero to get your steps (and sweat) in.