A safer means of travel

We put your safety first in every ride. That’s why we insist riders and drivers observe our five measures of safety. For significantly more space, cleanliness and comfort in your daily transit, book with Ola.
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Superior service and support

are some of the ways we’re bringing the change.

24/7 support with Ola Care

We’re always available when our riders need us. Whether it’s in-app support or telephone assistance you require, we will be available 24/7

Caring, considerate drivers

All Ola drivers are quality assessed on Safety, Reliability and Customer Service by leading international partners, including DriveTech (part of the AA)

Safety first

We’re proud of our many safety features in-app. These include the ‘SOS’ button and an option to share real-time location info with your chosen contacts, for complete assurance as you ride.

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*The customer earns their first voucher on signing up, the next two vouchers on successful addition of payment method and the next two vouchers on taking their first ride. All vouchers expire in 14 days from sign up date. The maximum saving per ride for the rider is £4. The rides must originate in London (TfL area) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Find answers

to all your important questions

Account creation


How do I book a ride with Ola?2020-01-30T16:38:31+00:00

Booking a ride with your Ola app is easy. Select the ‘RIDE NOW’ option. (Make sure your phone’s GPS is turned on)
– Log in to your Ola App using your registered phone number or email ID. (Don’t forget to create an account if you’re a first-timer)
– Set up your pick-up and drop-off locations.
– Choose the ride type you want.
– Confirm your booking. That’s it, your ride is booked. We’ll send your booking confirmation to your app screen. You’ll be able to view your ride details, your ride location on the map, and check how long your driver will take to pick you up on the ‘Pick-up Arriving’ screen.

How do I set up a pickup address?2020-01-30T16:42:32+00:00
How do I set up a drop-off address?2020-01-30T16:43:22+00:00
How do I track my ride?2020-01-30T16:43:56+00:00

You can track your ride once your booking is confirmed. You’ll be able to see your ride’s location on the map and the time it takes for the driver to pick you up. You can also track your ride from the ‘Your Rides’ section in your Ola app menu. All you need to do is to select your upcoming ride and tap ‘Track Ride’.

How do I share my ride details with friends and family?2020-01-30T16:44:59+00:00
What choices of ride is there?2020-01-30T16:46:09+00:00


What is your rate card in London?2020-02-08T20:40:09+00:00

We use a ‘Rate Card’ to display our fares so it’s clear to both riders and drivers. Check our current London rate card here

How do I check the fare for a ride category?2020-01-30T16:49:48+00:00
How do I check the fare before for my ride?2020-01-30T16:48:58+00:00
What is Peak Pricing?2020-01-30T16:50:32+00:00

Peak Pricing’ is an additional charge applied when the demand for rides is high. A variety of factors such as rush hour, rain or events can cause a rise in demand for rides which may result in peak pricing being applied on your ride. Peak pricing is not a fixed charge and varies depending on the demand for rides. For example- If the peak pricing applicable on your booking is 1.2x then your total fare will increase by 1.2x.


What is Refer & Earn?2020-01-30T16:57:34+00:00

Refer & Earn’ is Ola’s referral program. It allows you to earn a bonus when you successfully introduce friends and family to Ola. All you need to do is to share your unique referral code with others. When they sign up to Ola using your code and take their first ride, you’ll receive a bonus. You can use bonuses earned towards rides with Ola. There’s no limit to how often you can earn a referral bonus. You’ll find your referral code under ‘Refer & Earn’ in the app.

Why can’t I see my referral code?2020-01-30T16:58:52+00:00

You can find your unique referral code under ‘Refer & Earn’ in the Ola app. If you can’t see your referral code in ‘Refer & Earn,’ it may be because:
– You’re not eligible for Ola’s referral program
– You’re using an older version of the Ola app
– You’ve created multiple accounts on the same device
– You’re signed in to your Ola account from multiple devices. We recommend updating the Ola app to download the latest version or sign out of your Ola account (if you’re signed in on multiple devices) in order to access your referral code.

How do I apply a coupon?2020-01-30T16:56:23+00:00


How do I pay for my ride?2020-02-06T10:38:18+00:00


How does your cancellation fee work?2020-01-30T16:54:46+00:00

We strive to provide you the best ride. But, if you decide you don’t want it, you can cancel your ride within 2 minutes of a driver accepting your ride, to avoid being charged a cancellation fee.

Also, if the driver has reached your pickup location and waited for more than 8 mins for your arrival before cancelling the ride, you will be charged a cancellation fee to compensate for the driver’s efforts.

Cancellation fee of £10 will be charged for rides booked from airports (other than London City Airport) and £6 for all other cancellations.

How do I dispute a Cancellation Fee?2020-01-30T16:55:27+00:00

If you think you’ve been wrongly charged a cancellation fee, we would be happy to help. Click ‘Your Rides’ in the Ola app menu and follow the steps below:
– Select the disputed ride.
– Tap the ‘Support’ button.
– Select ‘Charged Cancellation Fee Incorrectly’ from the listed issues.
– Tell us more about your problem and click send. We’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.


How do I tell Ola about a safety concern?2020-01-30T17:03:20+00:00

Your safety is our top priority. We have robust safety features in place. If you have any concerns regarding your safety, please let us know and we will look into it immediately. Click here to write to us

What are Ola’s safety standards?2020-06-12T10:31:28+00:00

We have strong measures in place to help keep you safe. In response to the global pandemic, we’ve also introduced five mandatory safety procedures for riders and drivers to observe from June 2020:

  1. Always wear a face covering
  2. Expect a clean ride before and after your trip
  3. Carry and use hand sanitiser before and after the ride
  4. Roll down the windows if desired. Or, ask the driver to switch on the AC and set it not to recirculate, but extract
  5. Please sit in the back, and use the left backseat for social distancing when traveling solo

Pre-existing safety features built into the Ola app:

You can track your ride in real-time and share your destination and ETA with friends.
Each ride requires you to share a ‘Start Code’ with your driver to ensure you’re getting in the right car.
We have 24/7 in-app and telephone support.
We always mask your mobile number from our drivers to ensure privacy.
In the unlikely event that something does happen, we have an emergency button where you can alert the police, as well as Ola’s safety response team.

Driver safety and standards

Our partners are thoroughly background-checked before joining Ola to drive.
They are then assessed on Safety, Reliability and Customer Service before being certified by DriveTech (part of the Automobile Association).
As Ola drivers, they observe the same five precautionary measures of safety as you do, listed above and will ask you to sit in the back.
We also have an blog to update drivers with the latest TfL updates and health tips around Covid-19, such as How To Protect Yourself When Buying Petrol.

Learn more about our driver safety policy and guidelines.

How do I set emergency contacts?2020-01-30T17:04:10+00:00

– Tap on your name in the Ola app menu to visit your account.
– Click on ‘Emergency Contacts’ in ‘Safety and Privacy.’
– Tap on ‘Add Contacts’ to select up to 5 contacts to alert in case of emergency. Once you have added an emergency contact, you can choose to turn on the feature ‘Always Share Your Ride Details’. This automatically sends your ride details to your contacts.